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 Yiwu Market

BINYUAN Company Limited is a professional trading company located in biggest small commodity wholesale market in the world – “Yiwu Commodity City”, where stand forty southand shops from all around of China factories. Furthermore, the quantity is keeping increase.
BINYUAN Company Limited was founded in 2006. as a branch company of BINYUAN GROUP , BINYUAN  Company limited is specialised in import&exporting, sourcing, agent business. After these years developments, we have established a professional sales team and found firm tie with different arange product’s suppliers with good credits both for foreign clients and shop owners. These experience will benefits our service for other clients at present or future, of course, it will also save our client’s time and costs.
Our company have been seems as “ advance team and honesty taxpayer”, “star company in Yiwu” in last 3 years.
We adhere to tenet of "Your satification is our best aim" and do our best to supply quality products and best service at the most competitive prices. Call us now to see how we can meet you and fill your orders

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Hotel Booking 
Airport Pick-up 
Market Guiding & Purchasing Assistant
Product SourcingQuality Control & Inspection 
Goods Collecting & Warehousing 
China Custom Declaration & Shipping
Document Preparation & B/L Signing 
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